Hamcom2010The Texas Interconnect Team manages the world wide D-Star trust server as a service to amateurs.  We have a yearly general membership meeting usually in January and a social event later in the year.  Active members receive registration on the ICOM gateway for access to all of the various D-Star services.

We operate repeaters in Dallas, including a full D-Star Stack of 1.2 Ghz, VHF and UHF modules.  We also have analog repeaters on 2 Meters, 440 Mhz and 900 Mhz. 





DV-Dongle/DVAP Users - We are having more and more computer aided check-ins on the weekly net.  Feel free to check in.  Come Join the FUN!!!   D-Star is an amazing new part of Ham Radio.  The net is at 8:00pm EVERY Sunday night.

Come join the FUN and learn about your D-star Radio!







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